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Labs List – Why Predict Applicants (2-2-18)

This Labs List addresses a major hangup from prospective partners – why don’t we predict enrollments from inquiries? The takeaway: when we predict the students who are most likely to apply, we are also predicting the students who are most likely to enroll. Labs List- Why Predict Applicants

Labs List – Rollover Campaigns (1-12-18)

The takeaway: Sophomore and Junior campaigns result in more applicants, but not enough more to be worth the additional cost. Instead, it’s in our partners’ best interest to purchase more Senior names. Labs List- rollover campaigns


Labs List CBE ROI 2018-01-04

Labs List – Effect of DDT (10-14-16)

Link to Doc 10.14.16 Summary: Capture offers three main forms of advertising communications to our partners. Previous Labs Lists have examined the effect of email (cheap and effective in large quantities) and direct mail (expensive with a weak positive effect). Today we turn to digital display targeting.  Until now, we’ve measured the effect of DDT […]

Labs List – UT’s Game Day (10-7-16)

Link to Doc 10.6.16 Summary: Some people would argue the most exciting to happen to the University of Tennessee last Saturday was quarterback Joshua Dobbs capping a fourth quarter comeback with a Hail Mary touchdown pass as time expired to beat the rival Georgia Bulldogs and remain undefeated. But in Captureland, something else exciting was […]

Labs List – Envision Cost Savings (9-30-16)

Link to Doc 9-30-16 Summary: Over previous Labs Lists we’ve shown that Envision Applicant predictions are accurate. Students predicted to be in the top 20% most likely to apply did in fact apply at higher rates than lower-ranked students. But so what? Why does it matter? The answer is money. It’s cheaper to convert our […]

Labs List – Email Engagement Over Time (9-16-16)

Link to Doc 9.16.16 Summary: A major role of the communications team is to assess the performance of individual emails. The problem is they’ve been working with a one-size-fits-all model — if the click rate is below average, make some changes. If it’s above, keep on truckin’.  Yet they know that not every email from […]